Please find below resources produced by the Neurosurgery Study Design and Medical Statistics Centre

Statistics Made Simple [.pptx] [Narrated lecture]

EndNote: Using it with Win MS PowerPoint [YouTube]
EnNote: Using in with Mac MS PowerPoint [YouTube]

FileMaker: Converting MS Excel fiel to FileMaker [YouTube]
FileMaker: Creating relational databases [YouTube]

GraphPad Prism: descriptive statistics [YouTube]
GraphPad Prism: Normality tests [YouTube]
GraphPad Prism: Kaplan-Meier survival curves [YouTube]

MS Excel: Statistical Analysis Tool Pack Add-on [YouTube]
MS Excel: Pivot Table [YouTube]
MS Excel: t-test [YouTube][YouTube]
MS Excel: Chi-Squared test [YouTube]
MS Excel: Curve fitting [YouTube]

PubMed: Searching for systematic reviews and metanalyses [YouTube]

XLStat: Calculating sample size [YouTube]

Wizard Pro: Multivariate analysis I [YouTube]
Wizard Pro: Multivariate analysis II [YouTube]