The Neurosurgery Research Listserv ('Listserv') is an international neurosurgery electronic discussion forum. The aim of the Listserv is to facilitate communication and foster collaboration as well as, provide a forum for fellowship and friendship for international neurosurgeons. It currently has over 780 members with over 300 of the leading neurosurgeon from around the world. It is an informal group of neurosurgical friends. The membership to the Listserv is through nomination or invitation only.

It is a multidisciplinary forum and its membership include leaders from allied fields of neuropathology, neuro-radiology, neuro-oncology, microbiology, neuropsychology, haematology, neuro-epidemiology, ENT and neuroscientists. The discussions on the Listserv include complex clinical cases, research, education, ethics and information technology.

The Listserv also undertakes multiple educational projects: webinars, electronic neurosurgery conferences, neurosurgery courses, on-line grand rounds, video tutorials, developing software and databases, neurosurgery quizzes, neurosurgery mock-exams, supporting academia and providing a hub for multi-centre collaborations and provide consultation on medical informatics and global neurosurgery initiatives.